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            Chinese professor of chemistry in China and the United States to visit the company visit
            Release time:2013-07-16   Source: Original Site   Hits:
                    July 13, 2013 ~15, the ninth session of the Sino US Chinese chemistry professor in Chengdu as scheduled, in this warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the meeting. During the period from the University of California, University of Virginia, Ohio State University, North Dakota he State University, Texas Tech University, Georgia State University, University of Delaware, university professors, experts, and domestic Tianjin University, Nanjing University and Sichuan University countries "thousands of people plan", well-known professor of chemistry, and China scientific journal editing a line of more than 20 people to visit our company. Tour group and my company chairman Dr. Zhao Gang, chief technology officer (CTO) Po Lin, general manager Dr. Liu Jifeng on the Chengdu bio pharmaceutical industry policy and entrepreneurial experience in overseas returnees entrepreneurs, etc.. Through the Chinese and American chemistry professor to visit our company to visit, the establishment of a well-known domestic and foreign communication channels, and look forward to better cooperation.

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